Assorted fish w. ponzu sauce

Mountain Salmon


Seared salmon, mango and avocado with special sauce

Fuji Island


Avocado bowl w. mix fish on top

Rock Shrimp


Crispy Sushi


Spicy tuna, salmon, yellowtail & white fish over crispy rice with chef special sauce

Green Dragon Ball


Kani, octopus, shrimp, cucumber, lettuce wrapped with avocado, tobiko

Seared Scallop Mango Salsa


Salmon Belly Mango Salsa


Kosan Pizza


Pancake topped with salmon, tuna, tobiko

Snow Boat


Spicy tuna, cucumber wrap with white tuna, tobiko

Spicy Tuna Gyoza


Fried spicy tuna dumpling w. caviar on top

Wasabi Cracker


Choice of spicy tuna or spicy salmon

Blue Crab Quesadilla


Blue crab with mixed cheddar cheese wrapped with Mexican tortilla wrap w. chef special sauce

Mini Poke Bowl